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Tourism in the Meuse, Verdun

Discover Lorraine from our hotel ideally located in Verdun, at the gateway to the memorial sites of the 14-18war

Verdun, majestic city with its citadel and its beautiful homes on the banks of the Meuse, but also a city of remembrance with its sites, witnesses of a painful past.

It is today a symbol, the memory of the trench soldiers of the First World War. To better understand its history, you can visit the World Center for Peace, Freedom and Human Rights located in the prestigious Episcopal Palace and the underground Citadel of Vauban erected at the 17th, historic site of the Battle of Verdun in 1916.

While boarding a wagon, you will discover along the underground galleries the scenes of the daily life of the soldiers.

as many history-filled and emotional places that will enable you to relive the exploits and the hard daily lives of the soldiers.

The Meuse is above all a river, so do not hesitate to stroll along its pleasantly landscaped quays, to embark on a discovery cruise or to rent canoes for a pleasant outing to share with the family.

Take the time to discover the architectural treasures of Verdun: its Notre-Dame Cathedral, one of the oldest in Europe; its town hall, a former private mansion; the Saint-Amand lock bridge designed by Vauban, the Porte Chaussée, the Porte Saint-Paul gates....

The whole team of les Orchidées will be happy to advise you on the discovery of our beautiful region, do not hesitate to ask us!

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